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Unlock Your Wellness: From Overwhelmed to Empowered

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the sea of wellness choices, unsure of where to begin?

I’m here to guide you on a transformative journey from frustration to empowerment.

Let’s rewrite your story together.

Tina she welcomes wellness home

Hey there, I'm Tina!

I know how it feels to struggle with confusion and overwhelm.​

Years ago, my world came crashing down when I received a serious precancer diagnosis on top of several autoimmune diseases.

I thought I had been making wise choices, only to realize I’d been fooled by greenwashing tactics.

This became the turning point, igniting my passion to create a non-toxic lifestyle of wellness.

Determined to rewrite my story, I dove into research, embraced trial and error, and gained valuable insights.

From all of this, I began to understand… 

  • that toxins surround us.  And while we can’t control everything, we CAN minimize our exposure.
  • the importance of making informed choices about the products you use daily.
  • the significance of starting with what goes ON your body.
  • the power of advocating for greater transparency in the beauty and personal care industry.
  • clean beauty and personal care products are the beginning; a holistic approach involves various lifestyle choices.

But mostly, I realized that the pursuit of perfection isn’t required.  Small, intentional choices can add up to significant results.

Tina she welcomes wellness about

I began to feel empowered.

My journey wasn’t just about overcoming health challenges; it was about empowerment.

I learned to navigate the confusing loopholes in the cosmetics industry, and discovered the key to a toxin-free lifestyle.

And you know what? Along the way, I discovered the transformative power of Clean Beauty, not only for overall wellness but also for embracing and loving my mature skin again!

The lessons learned have become the foundation for my mission—to guide others toward a healthier, toxin-free lifestyle.

You too can embrace wellness and clean beauty, one safer choice at a time

I’m here to help!

Pillars of Wellness

As I embraced a healthier, toxin-free lifestyle, I uncovered my Pillars of Wellness—guiding principles that transformed my well-being and approach to life.  Now, they guide my mission to support you on your wellness journey.

Clean Beauty

Tina putting on lip gloss as part of a clean beauty routine.

Switching to truly Clean Beauty transformed my routine, fostering wellness AND helped me love my mature skin again!

Toss the Toxins

glass bottles with toxic free cleaner in sunshine

Cleaning toxins from my home was born out of my own experience, realizing seemingly “safe” products contributed to toxicity.

Healthy Habits

teapot, cup of tea, floral gratitude journal, sofa and comfy banket in the background

Prioritizing healthy habits has been my anchor on the road to well-being, providing transformative potential.

Mastering Mindset

woman in red top reading bible outdoors in sunshine

Mastering mindset is about progress, not perfection, and faith has been a significant source of strength for me.

Clean Eating

blueberries, strawberries, celery, greens, grapes

Clean eating and staying gluten-free is a cornerstone of wellness and a vital pillar in my recovery puzzle. 

Family, Friends, Fun

Four women in hats with hands raised, backs to camera, greenery and sun in front

Family and friends are vital for my happiness and well-being. Socializing and having fun, even virtually, is key!

Does this sound like you?

Let's unlock your wellness with Clean Beauty & Non-Toxic Living!

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You can go from feeling lost in toxic ingredient confusion to confidently embracing a non-toxic lifestyle and cleaner beauty for healthier, more confident living.

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