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What’s Going on With Beautycounter?

Is Beautycounter going out of business?  Maybe you’ve heard some rumors that Beautycounter is closing its doors for good.  Or perhaps you’ve heard that we’re on Spring Break? 

I am here to answer the question: “What’s going on with Beautycounter?”

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What’s Happening With Beautycounter?-The Quick Recap

Although we were originally expected to relaunch as early as the beginning of May, that was not to be.  

The goal at this time is for a late 2024 reopening.  

The plan is for Beautycounter to reopen and continue to offer many of the amazing products we know and love.  There are some new and innovative products in the works, too.  

As a clean beauty advocate, I understand the challenge of finding reliable clean beauty swaps, especially with Beautycounter products on hiatus.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you! I’ve created a Clean Beauty Swaps Guide to help all of us find safe alternatives.

Get my free guide below. It’s a Google Sheets Spreadsheet, so you’ll get instant access to all the updates.

I’ll keep researching and adding new companies and products as they pass my Clean Beauty test.

Clean Beauty Swaps Guide

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  • Stay confident with trusted alternatives.
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So that’s the super-short answer.  But there is so much more to share.  

Read on for more details regarding the situation, or jump to the bottom for what to do in the meantime.

What’s Going on With Beautycounter?-The Detailed Update

Gregg Renfrew, the founder of Beautycounter, sold the majority of shares of the company to the Carlyle Group about three years ago.  Carlyle Group is a private equity investment firm. 

About a year later, Gregg left the company. We all thought she decided to leave, but later learned she that wasn’t true.

I was a very happy client of Beautycounter then, but not yet involved as a brand advocate.  So, I don’t have any first-hand behind-the-scenes knowledge about that situation. 

But, I can tell you that WE FELT Gregg’s absence from the company during that time.  Her knowledge and passion, (and just her presence!) are a huge part of why this brand and this mission have been so successful.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2024. Gregg returned as CEO and I was beyond excited to know she would be hands-on with us again!

It seemed that that feeling was unanimous among the brand advocates. It was truly great to have her back at the helm, and the change in atmosphere was palpable.  

So many exciting things were happening. Our brand new fragrance line (which is AMAZING, by the way!) launched.  I was super excited to learn about new products that were slated to launch in the upcoming months.  

The Only Constant Is Change

But then, on April 18th, brand advocates received an email indicating that change was coming.  Honestly, it was a total shock to me, as I’m sure it was to all brand advocates.

Some important information from that email, for the sake of this conversation:

  • Significant challenges required the company to explore options to proceed as a business.
  • Those options did not come to fruition, so Counter Brands LLC was being forced to wind down.
  • The new company would launch on May 1, 2024, and operations would begin at that time.
  • My Brand Advocate Agreement would be automatically assigned to the new company.
  • There was an invitation to a call with Gregg later that day.

The email closed with Gregg sharing these thoughts: 

Our work is important.  I feel a great sense of pride in the impact we’ve had on the beauty industry, our communities, and those we love over the years with Counter Brands.  Through this new company, we can ensure that we will impact generations to come and I would be honored to work alongside you in this new venture.

-Gregg Renfrew

Forming A New Company

That afternoon, I joined many Brand Advocates on the call with Gregg.  She shared that the issues the company was facing were challenging and complex. 

But the mission to a safer, cleaner world is intact and strong. 

She spoke briefly about forming a new company, G2G. This was so she could move forward and buy her company back from the Carlyle Group. 

From what I understand, it’s pretty common to form a new company in situations such as this.   

It’s important to mention, that G2G isn’t the type of company we can buy products from.  Rather, it owns certain aspects of the brand. For example, the Beautycounter name, product line,  formulations, and intellectual property.

To be clear, the company we will purchase products from will still be Beautycounter. G2G is the LLC that now owns Beautycounter. (Clear as mud, maybe?)

Gregg and a group of like-minded investors joined forces to make this possible.  Not surprisingly, the Carlyle Group will not be an investor in the new company.

BC would be going dark so the new company could get set up in what Gregg described as “a really positive way.” 

By the way, “going dark” meant there would be no e-commerce website sales, Brand Advocates wouldn’t have access to our personal BC websites, etc.

I was happy to learn that brand advocates would continue to be central to the business model.

At that time a relaunch date of May 1 was shared.   

Let’s face it though, just shy of two weeks for a takeover and relaunch is very aggressive and optimistic.

Gregg Reacquires Beautycounter 

Then on April 22, we learned the exciting news that Gregg had indeed reacquired Beautycounter!  This was the first step, and we were elated.

By repurchasing the company, Gregg would be able to regain control. “Renfrew will maintain the brand’s original name, product lines, and the majority of its direct sales associates.”  [Source

Unfortunately, on April 30, we learned that the launch would not occur on May 1, despite their best efforts.

Honestly, I wasn’t surprised Beautycounter wouldn’t be operational in under two weeks.

As the owner of this small website, I see firsthand how one tiny change can set off a domino effect you didn’t expect.

Transferring a company as large as Beautycounter would likely cause multiple simultaneous issues. And each one could slow the process considerably.

Not the News We Were Hoping For

We were invited to another call with Gregg on May 6.

In all transparency, what we learned on that call was rough.  Really rough.  

Due to behind-the-scenes complications, the May timeframe was completely off the table. Beautycounter is now slated to relaunch in late 2024.  (There are the dominoes I mentioned!)

I’m hoping late 2024 means around October-ish, but we weren’t specifically told that.

I know this news is surprising and upsetting. Believe me, I do.

At the same time, I’m sure we can all agree that complications are common in complex situations like this.  Especially when foreclosure and banks are involved. (More dominoes.)

Gregg has assured us that the mission remains at the core of the new company.  This is really great news.

And I do believe that Gregg is doing everything possible to get Beautycounter back up and running.

Yes, I am very sad and disappointed, as I know many are.  

I love this company, the products, the mission, and the movement. And what would my clients do without access to the products they trust and love? What would I do?

So for all these reasons (and a few more), I’m waiting eagerly for it to return to normal.

I’m looking forward to being back, stronger, and better than ever in late 2024.

A message from Gregg:

Gregg's message to Beautycoutner Clients-slide 1
Gregg's message to Beautycoutner Clients-slide 2
Gregg's message to Beautycoutner Clients-slide 3

Source: @Beautycounter, Instagram Account

So What Do We Do in the Meantime? 

The first thing is to remember how important clean products are. Look for products that don’t contain the 15 toxic ingredients to avoid in skincare products.

Next, if you’re my client and you need product refills, I can try to source some products to fill your needs. Text me, drop me an email, or contact me here.

You can still get some BC products at select Ulta stores and online. Come July they’ll only be available online. appears to have limited stock, and I was told they wouldn’t be getting more. So order soon if you want to stock up.

Of course, once we run out of our Beautycounter products, we will need other safe beauty alternatives.

Honestly, I’m already running out of my Beautycounter products and what I need isn’t available at Ulta.

If you know me at all, you know I only want to use truly clean products.  As always, I want to help you use clean products, too.   

So I find myself in the odd position of vetting other clean beauty brands to find comparable and safe swaps. 

I’ve looked at a few of the bigger names that call themselves clean. There is still so much greenwashing going on.  Even in the clean community.

While that is frustrating and disturbing, I am taking up the challenge to find clean options.

Rest assured, I’m in the process of creating a list of products that I recommend.  In case you run out of your Beautycounter products, too.  

Sign up for that list below, and I’ll send it your way! Plus you’ll have access to all the updates as I make them! 👇🏼

Clean Beauty Swaps Guide

  • Save time with curated, toxin-free options—I’ve vetted them for you
  • Stay confident with trusted alternatives.
  • Get immediate access via Google Sheets for ongoing updates.

Commitment to Clean Beauty Advocacy

Please know that just because Beautycounter had to hit the pause button for the time being, our work is not done.  

There are many improvements still needed in this industry. We need…

  • more clean beauty, safer choices, and transparency in labeling.
  • better health-protective legislation.
  • advancements in ethical sourcing, sustainable practices, and responsible packaging.

So, I’ll still be right here, continuing this work on this blog.  

And yes, I hope to jump back in with Beautycounter once the doors are open again.

In closing, I’d like to take this time to thank every one of you who has ordered Beautycounter through my link or chosen me as your Brand Advocate.  I truly appreciate you supporting my small business.

Don’t forget to grab the free clean beauty alternatives guide below. It’s hosted on Google Docs/Sheets, granting you instant access to updates.

I’ll keep researching and adding new companies and products as they pass my Clean Beauty tests.

If I can be of assistance, please reach out.  Drop me a message on my Contact page.

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